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Bilic: The ‘decision’ of my West Ham future is out of my hands

More like Sad Slaven instead of Super Slaven

West Ham United manager Slaven Bilic took full responsibility for his team’s rough 3-0 loss to Brighton Friday evening, as questions about whether that was his last game at the London Stadium are abound.

In the post-match interview with IMG Premier League, a desponded Bilic knew full well that the decision about his future would be out of his hands.

“It’s a bad result for us, a bad performance. Between first and second goal, we were dominating the game, putting a lot of balls into the box. But they defended the box really good. We tried to comeback. But you know it’s very hard for me to say anything clever now. It’s very disappointing and frustrating, but of course as the manager I take full responsibility for that.”

Bilic lamented how his team started and admitted how tough it was to take Jose Iziquerdo’s wonder goal.

“Tonight, you start the game and you are without confidence and shape, and suddenly it’s 1-0 for them, it gives them confidence and a good boost. In the first half we played good football and then we concede another one to them. That affects the game that you play.”

The Croatian manager could only say that the decision of what the owning Davids and Karen Brady chose to do with his job status is out of his dominion.

“It’s not a good situation and the board will do what they are going to do. It is their decision. All that I am saying is, we’ve been in this situation before and we got out of that. But also as managers, we take the credit and also the managers, we are taking full responsibility for that (losing) and I don’t want to hide from that.”

“I’m doing my best, but when you lose to Brighton 3-0 at home, it’s not must, must win since we’re not at that stage of the season, but it’s very important for us.”

“I’m a fighter, but it’s not my decision.”