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VIDEO: Brace The Hammer’s weekly Podcast & Predictions - Episode 11

The January Transfer Episode has finally arrived and propels Tommy to some world class ranting

Every now and then a story comes along that is so compelling, so enticing, it’s considered the unicorn of journalism. That story has finally hatched here at Brace The Hammer. Shourjya Mookerjee has finally won a week of picks.

The crowd gasps in disbelief...

No, it’s true, I recounted the picks at least ten times over. I will add he squeaked by the week, predicting 7 correct, with myself closely trailing with 6 correct. The irony is he finally picked Tottenham to win a match, having never done so before.

Season Tally:

Jonathan: 7

Shourjya: 2

Tommy: 1

Charlie: 1

This Episode

In this episode we cover the January transfer window for the top six teams in the league, as well as West Ham United. Tommy goes on a sleep deprived rant on Manchester City that would leave Pep in shambles. Jonathan is showered in Spurs love. Charlie eats a banana. Shourjya becomes ‘triggered’ when Tom predicts Arsenal won’t finish in the top 4. All this and more!

With the FA Cup in action today, we decided to mix it up a little and throw in our knowledge of the English Championship. We predicted a few upsets this week but nothing to write to nan about. Good luck this week you scoundrels.