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VIDEO: BTH’s Weekly Podcast & Prediction Show: Episode 14

As the transfer deadline clock hits 24 hours, BTH looks to the week ahead.

That’s right, there can only be one. His name is... Jonathan.

After what has been a painstaking absence for all involved, I am finally nestled back into my throne.

A strange week in the FA Cup has proven once again that the magic behind this English tournament is alive and well. With upsets against Liverpool, Hull, and a bevy of other Premier teams, there is no telling what is to come next.

This week we’re back in Premier League action with some fairly straight forward matches. There are plenty of trap games to watch out for, particularly for Manchester City. West Ham has been forced to grow up together quickly and this is a team who bleeds for each other on the pitch. Let’s take a look at the standings and who we have on the docket for next week.

Jonathan: 8

Shourjya: 3

Charlie: 2

Tom: 1