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Supporter Spotlight: Let us introduce you to the Swedish Hammers!

Our Hammer friends in Sweden share a bit about their supporters group and we learn about the wooden hammer!

About Us!

We have been a West Ham supporters group since 2004. Our name is West Ham Fans Sverige (Sweden). Through the years, we have had nearly 1000 people who have been and still are members. Today, we are about 360-370 members.

We have had many supporter trips to London and we have, of course, seen West Ham at Upton Park. Unfortunately this year we will probably not be able to take the trip as a supporter group and see a game because of the difficulty to get tickets from West Ham. Hopefully we can get over some time next season!

Social Media Information!




We also have some meetings in Sweden at various places. On match day we get together at the pub and cheer.

The Wooden Hammer!

Every year we give The Wooden Hammer to our choice for player of the year. Last year we presented it to Dimitri Payet (pictured below). He will certainly not be our chosen winner this year.


Arne, Chairman of West Ham Fans Sweden