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Tuesday Morning’s Cup of Joe Cole: News and Links

January 23rd: The easy side of Green Street, failed American takeovers, and The Last Jedi.

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West Ham Links!

  • Popularized by the film Green Street Hooligans, Green Street itself gets a poor reputation . This article is a nice reminder that it is not always football and feuds.
  • Is Slaven Bilic still under pressure? HITC takes to the streets to talk to some fans...
  • Robert Snodgrass Could be a Hammer any day, along with fellow Bilic target, Scott Hogan. The question remains if these two will have an immediate effect on the squad who seem to be clicking very well without He Who Shall Not Be Named.

World Football Links!

  • New rules for Premier League football decided by the top 6 clubs:

Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea Football Club, Liverpool FC and co discuss new Premier League rules

Posted by Dream Team on Friday, January 20, 2017
  • The women’s Asian Cup tournament will feature North Korea taking on Korea in a match that is heavily politicized by both nations.
  • Nottingham Forest’s financial takeover from American tycoon, John Jay Moores, has fallen through. Forest’s current owner, Kuwaiti’s Fawaz Al-Hasawi, issued a statement saying he is still 100% dedicated to the success of the club.
  • Star Wars Episode VIII has finally been given a name which the internet immediately started to read into. The Last Jedi. Is that reference to Luke Skywalker being the last true Jedi? Or does Skywalker meet some ill fate and Rey is the last Jedi. Ugh, is it December yet?