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VIDEO: BTH’s Weekly Podcast & Prediction Show: Football Inauguration

The fellas at BTH get a bit personal and open up about the moment they fell in love with the game.

Charlie Walsh, ya beautiful lad, you’ve done it! You’ve broken an 8 week curse the only way you knew how; in a four way tie.

The results this past weekend were anything but surprising, with many of the top clubs winning. While there were one or two shockers no match rose above Vegas expectation.

The same could be said about this weekend’s fixtures. In what will hopefully prove to be the match of the weekend, Pep’s squad welcomes the kids from North London. Mauricio Pochettino has Spurs operating as a well-oiled machine and it will take a much better performance than the City boys have been throwing out there to topple the Lillywhites.

Here are our predictions for this weekend. Go ahead and put the house on it, we’re pretty confident.

For those of you keeping score at home:

Jonathan: 7

Shourjya: 3

Charlie: 2

Tom (probably):