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Marseille Table Fresh €30m Bid as Hammers Look to FIFA

The ball is now firmly in Payet’s court with a new twist

West Ham United v Crystal Palace - Premier League
Maybe Payet should have had this steward guard his car
Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

UPDATE: Per L’Equipe, Marseille have a fresh €30m bid (£26m) for Payet, bringing the side closer to the £30m valuation of the player.

UPDATE 2: Marseille, once again, do not think they will be signing Payet this transfer window.

The Dimitri Payet saga continues to drag on, with Marseille abandoning their bid for the former East London fan favorite, now turned pariah. Marseilles has been at it for a few weeks now with at numerous bids being rejected by the Hammers board. It is no surprise that Marseilles have gotten nowhere with their bids, ones that have been well below the Hammer’s £30m valuation. It should be noted that Payet has been turning down massive offers from China, holding out for a move back to France.

Meanwhile, life in London has taken a turn for Payet, with reports of a brick being thrown at his car and being removed from the senior players WhatsApp group chat. (Author’s note: if you have ever been removed from a group chat, you know how devastating and crushing this is/can be.) It is obvious the club are ready to move on from the player, banishing him to train with the U23 side. Silver lining here is that our reserves training with Payet will probably good for them as he is a quality player, even if his attitude lately hasn’t been the most professional. After a class showing in a 3-0 over Crystal Palace, it would seem the Hammers are ready to let Payet play with the reserves for the remainder of the season.

In other news, West Ham are also looking to take action against Marseille, reporting them to FIFA for “tapping up” their star player. This is just the latest twist in what has become seen a great relationship turn sour, and quickly.