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Our HAMstory: Joe Cole taps one in on January 19, 2013

A look back at one of West Ham’s modern era stars

It’s only fitting that our prime man Jonathan Liebling has started a great morning round up of West Ham and other big news in the world’s most popular sport with “Cup of Joe Cole,” as that is of course named after the tremendously talented Hammers developed English talent.

And on this date in 2013, it was Cole who added another fine moment to his West Ham legacy with this goal against Queens Park Rangers.

It was just a tap in, where West Ham wouldn’t even put the goal on their Twitter page. Only a simple photo and tweet caption would suffice. But here it is, in grainy fan home video form!

“Joe Cole has scored girls.”

Indeed ladies, indeed he did. Even from one foot out!

Cole, 35 now, is still playing and is showcasing his class as one of the best players in the North American second division league, the NASL. He came off a fine season with the Tampa Bay Rowdies (who will leave the NASL for the USL this year) and still looks to play for a few more seasons.

Our HAMstory is a series on Thursday and/or Friday taking a look back on a noted moment in West Ham’s recent and distant history of this great club.