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Thursday Morning’s Cup of Joe Cole; News and Links

January 19th: The Karate Klopp, Oscar tickles the ivories, and Karen Brady opens up.

Tony Cottee of West Ham United

Karen Brady was cool enough to let a few notable fan run websites into her lair to discuss the current climate of the club. Our friends at Hammers Chat were lucky enough to be there and express their views on several issues to Lady Brady herself. Find out what she had to say here!

Robert Snodgrass... I’ve been meaning to bring this up. As well as other transfer targets West Ham have been linked to. We just lost out on Memphis Depay who will be more than likely moving to French side Lyon in a few days for a reported £14.7 million. We’re losing £12 million bids for Scott Hogan and Robert Snodgrass. Is the most ridiculously named footballer worth the reported £6 mill? Maybe, who knows. What I do know is actual football business is more complicated than a FIFA career mode but it seems to me West Ham have been making a habit of short term fixes.


  • The Karate Klop! Men in Blazers kill it with this mash up as Jurgen and Jose argue on top of the 4th official.
Mourinho vs. Klopp

NEW POD: MIB break down Manchester United 1 - 1 Liverpool FC and the Mourinho vs. Klopp showdown #TheKarateKlopp LISTEN HERE:

Posted by Men In Blazers on Wednesday, January 18, 2017
  • Egyptian soccer star Mohamed Aboutrika has been placed onto a terror watch list, barred from fleeing the country, and all assets have been frozen. A bizarre story which will continue to develop over the coming days and weeks.
  • Heather O'Reilly will be moving to Arsenal FC Ladies this week. Following in the footsteps of fellow American Alex Morgan, this three-time Olympic medalist and recent national team retiree, will get her chance to prove herself abroad.
  • Here’s a video of nobody in all of China knowing who Oscar is. Imagine if he started playing a piano at any store in London a year ago? It’s a bit depressing to watch for some reason...