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Brady faces fans in unprecedented meeting

Vice-Chairman sits down with fans to talk through issues

Leaders Sport Business Summit 2016 - Day One Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images for Leaders

To say this season has been a disappointment is to undersell the situation massively. It may have been "the most successful stadium migration in history" from a business perspective but for the fans, it's been anything but. Problems with the new surroundings too numerous to list have further marred the lackluster performances on the pitch. Many fans have become disillusioned with the current ownership, believing them to have taken the club as far they can and have started to call for them to sell.

Karen Brady has been perceived as the driving force behind what some have called the destruction of the club's identity, the gentrification of West Ham United. Given this, it's perhaps even more surprising that members of the West Ham community were invited to sit down on Tuesday with the Vice-Chairman to actually talk about the issues everyday fans have with the current state of the club.

One of the invited parties, our friends Hammers Chat, have made a couple of videos giving the full details, what topics were raised, who was present and how they felt it went. They are also encouraging anyone with questions to head over to this thread on their forum.