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VIDEO: BTH’s Weekly Podcast & Prediction Show; The Payet Dilemma

BTH breaks down some key matches on the weekend and looks asks some hard questions regarding WHU leadership

It seems I have lost again to Shourjya this week...

I’m not sure what happened. Everything seemed to fire for me on all cylinders in the FA Cup. My picks were on point - I even had some of the Championship upsets pegged. Shourjya was just the better man on the day. I feel a bit like Bournemouth.

So that brings the total win tally to:

Jonathan 7

Shourjya 3

Tom 1

Charlie 1

Or if you prefer, the Americans are beating out the Brits, 10-2.


It was a very strange week if you are a fan of West Ham United, or even the Premier League in general. Dimitri Payet has demanded a transfer out of East London, Diego Costa seems to be right behind him for Chelsea, and the footballing world lost a great man in Grahame Taylor. Check out our video for more!

Here is Brace the Hammer’s prediction for how the weekend will play out.