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Our HAMstory: January 12, 2008 sees Dean Ashton and Anton Ferdinand shine

The start of our look back at famous West Ham games series

Every Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday, we at Brace The Hammers will take a look back on memorable moments from West Ham history.

On this date back in 2008, then Irons stars Dean Ashton and Anton Ferdinand scored to give their side a 2-1 win over London rivals Fulham in a Premier League match.

At that point, it appeared that both Ashton and Ferdinand would become club legends, or at least leave lasting impacts on the club for a good long while. Their fine headed goals here displayed some of their dynamic ability.

Long before Andy Carroll graced Upton Park, Ashton was that prototypical big #9 forward that was more Alan Shearer-esque than Sir Carroll. Not only blessed with awesome aerial artistry, Ashton was incredibly skilled on the ground with his feet and could have truly been one of the world’s best forwards had his debilitating ankle injury gone away. It sadly never did, but Ashton has been able to move on from that crushing adversity to currently one of the rising broadcasters in English football.

It was always difficult for Anton Ferdinand to live up to the play and resume of his older brother, arguably the best centerback in world football in his generation. Although he didn’t end up close to Rio’s tremendous long term level, there was transient moments like this in Anton’s career that showed how he was a fine talent in his own regards. Skilled enough to score in the box, the younger Ferdinand could place the ball in the back of the net not only with his head, but with a striker’s like shot of quality.

Nine long years ago these Ashton and Ferdinand goals took place on the Boleyn Ground, as they serve as the first lookback on our HAMstory here at Brace The Hammers.

(And yes, Mark Noble was indeed apart of that side).