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Cheikhou Kouyate celebrates birthday by laughing at Christmas video fails

Happy 27th Birthday to our Senegal star

December 21 means not only the official start of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, but also Chiekhou Kouyate’s birthday. And in celebration of the Senegal captain, here are some fun video highlights celebrating the 27-year-old versatile man for the Hammers.

Kouyate had the honor of scoring the first goal in the London Stadium back in July.

Enjoy this video of him watching people do stupid things by yelling “stupid” repeatedly as they commit Christmas fails caught on camera.

His laughing out loud is quite tremendous and a joy for us all.

Also, look back on his terrific highlights from the 2015-16 season for both the Hammers and his country Senegal.

Last year during the holiday season, he and good friend Diafra Sakho had a funny game challenge of “Me & Him”, as they answered questions about themselves right next to each other.

The bond those two share with each other is undeniable, especially in that humorous video.

And here is him taking on one of the better FIFA video game players in the world, Spencer, last year. Suffice to say, Spencer looks like he took it easy on him.

Happy 27th B-day to our number eight, Sir Kouyate. Glad to have him, everyday.