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An Opposing View: Manchester United vs West Ham II

We speak to The Busby Babe again to get their opinion ahead of the second clash

Usually, An Opposing View is when I talk to a fan of the upcoming opposition to get their perspective ahead of the game. However this week we have the uncommon situation where we get the pleasure of playing Man United twice in a row. So instead of doing the same thing as last time, we did it in video format for you all to see.

The game has officially changed.

In said video I spoke to yet another one of the lovely people from over at The Busby Babe, this time Managing Editor Ryan Baldi. We speak about our thoughts from the previous encounter and how we're feeling ahead of Wednesday night's.

How do you feel? Can West Ham make their first Semi Final since their 9-0 aggregate loss to Manchester City in 2013/14?