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Slaven Bilic thinks most London cab drivers are West Ham or Spurs fans

How does that feel, Arsenal?

West Ham United v Chelsea - EFL Cup Fourth Round Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Slaven Bilic is a fascinating man. He’s a former West Ham player, he’s the current West Ham manager, he plays guitar, and he apparently he has interesting views about London cab drivers.

Slav told ESPN FC, that apparently London cab drivers only support two teams. "Most of them are West Ham or Spurs, or they are polite and don't say. They have to be polite because they are cab drivers. But sometimes they leave you a couple of blocks from your destination -- and then you know they are Spurs!''

This shocking insight by the West Ham manager leaves me feeling a few different things.

Why does Slaven Bilic think so much about London cab drivers and what clubs they support?

Why does no cab driver support Arsenal or Chelsea?

But most importantly, why are Spurs cab drivers so rude to Slav?

I mean, this man is paying you to take him to a destination and you leave him a few blocks from where he wants to go? For shame, London cab drivers that are Spurs fans. For shame.