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Brace The Hammer Video: Weekend Predictions and a London Derby!

Brace The Hammer Podcast gains another member and everyone gangs up on Jonathan for being a Spurs fan.

We’re back! I know, you missed us. International break was tough for everyone. It’s a small glimpse into the terrifying window that is our summer. We had no predictions last week because of the break and that means just one thing.

Jonathan is still beating everyone in his predictions score. Though, he did say the US would beat Mexico and draw in Costa Rica. So clearly perfection is still a bit of a long road. Let’s dive right back in and look at our predictions of the week. We’re joined by Tom from our friends in East London, Hammers Chat, while we break down this week’s action and give our score predictions. Just to recap:

Jonny: 2 wins

Shourjya: 1 win

Dear Charlie: 0... zero... nil... nada. You get it.